Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's seedlings from 47607 breeding

During the spring of 2009, I did lots of experimenting with
47607. I chose this red seedling 9608 as the pod parent - the
color and watermark goes back to Man of Sorrows. 47607
was the pollen parent. Both are in the 6+'" range. I don't normally
mix these colors (red with lavender), but had indications
from 2009 blooms from 47607 that it would make nice pinks.

I ended up with this tall 8" behemoth:-) - seedling 14210.
I more typically stay in the same color family with my crosses.
So would use "neon" lavenders with 47607, like seedling 35309 below.

The results are more in the color range one would expect.
Seedlings 14510 and 11010 below - both 7". Gorgeous saturated
color on 14510, but had to pry it open because of the lower
left ruffle. Am hoping it calms down and opens on its own.

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