Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pod city

Stripping the greenhouse and sending the plants outside for testing means I have to cut a lot of scapes before the pods mature. This is what I had about 3 weeks ago. I just put them in about 2 inches of water and let them mature. It gets kind of stinky but I dare not touch the pods for fear of losing the tags, so I just keep adding water as it evaporates. No germination problem at all doing it this way. This season have collected about 2000-2200 pods for me and will plant in the spring. It's nice to be able to make them in a controlled environment in the greenhouse in the spring - I can adjust the temps and keep the rain off and they're all close together - this summer has been so hot and the plants spread out all over the place outside, that it would have been difficult to make and collect seeds.

Something completely different

Busy collecting seeds, lining out and making seedling evaluations. Imagine my astonishment when I saw this yesterday among the seedlings. Petaloid tissue growing out of the top of the anthers - oh, my. Happened on 2 different anthers on two different flowers of the same plant. Out of Light of the World breeding, which itself often has extra tissue or doubling as do many of its kids.