Monday, May 28, 2012

Blue jean blue

Note the color on the sepals and closest to the throat on the petals. Seedling 37512.
Parents are 4610x3910 below.

4610 = 0608x1809. 0608 goes back to 17305, Inscribed on My Heart, Entwined in the Vine. 1809 is out of 17305x47607. 3910 = 1909x13909. 1909 = 3807x15207. 13909=1107x47607. Most of these can be seen on the website under the year I first saw them (the last 2 digits). 17305 is in this twice. See below.

Impact of heat on patterns

The first picture of 36312 is on a normal day. A couple of days later when temps went into the 90's, the white/ivory "blobs" started showing up on seedlings or were more clearly defined/accentuated. Picture 2 is 36312 the morning after the hot day. Next is 36912, 37212, 37312, 38012. The last one is 27812, shown before, but this is the most of this kind of look it has shown. I sure hope they do this outside, and that they have decent branching. These are 12 month seedlings inside.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More bold eyes out of 52708

52708 continues to amaze me as a parent with its killer scapes and lots of great bold eyes. Couldn't resist including yet another "look" from 26712. Others are 20212, 22812, 29112, 31812.

Starting to collect pods. Have been at this since late March. A really long bloom season, and getting kind of worn out:-) But have some friends to keep me company. Don't know how they live through the pesticides I have to use to keep from being totally overrun by thrips and spider mites (good news, for the first time ever not one aphid this year), but they seem really happy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big and gaudy

I love big, fancy flowers. The first one pictured is 30712 and stands tall with an 8" bloom. What a sight as I walked in the front door. Then beautifully edged 31612 and frilly 22312. Can't resist showing additional pics of 24312, 28212 and 27812. Again, complicated parents and all 11 month greenhouse seedlings. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interesting patterns

The first picture is 26712, shown previously on the blog and now with a completely different pattern. Others are 6812 (out of Victorian Gardens Heaven's Applause), 28612 (out of 8110 - note the fleur de lis pattern on the lower petal), 32012 (out of Reach for the Sky), and 20312.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More chalky and neon eyes

These are first year seedlings 15812, 18312, 24612, 24712, 25712, 25912, 26212, 26812, 27212, 28512, 30812, 31312.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stars of the day - May 10 2012

Yesterday I noticed the bud that was about to open on this one - now numbered seedling 28212 - and was concerned about whether or not it would need some assistance opening. It did, just like parent 52708. But oh, my:-) I made a lot of crosses with it because it is 7", nice height, 6-way branching with an instant rebloom scape coming with 4 way branching. On an 11 month old seedling! Will be interestng to see if it keeps tangling, or if it will do it outside. So I put it on less tangly things and have high hopes for its kids.
 This is 27812 (out of 14510 x 28709). 7".
This dark, dark beauty is 28012 and is out of Soli Deo Gloria x a grandkid of Desire of Nations
Seedling 27912 is out of 13810 x 28909. Love the odd pattern. (FYI, many of the seedlings in the parentage I include are on the website. Too cumbersome to detail them all the way back)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Breakthroughs for me in 7-8"flowers

The past few days have brought some amazing seedlings, and the first three below had me gasping. All in this post are HUGE, ranging from 7-8". A wow pattern in 26712 (out of 52708 and also back to 40807 and Entwined in the Vine), a new color for me in teeth with 7.5" 24312 (includes 33109 discussed previously on the blog, Chariot of Clouds, Skin of My Teeth,  etc), a super fancy and interesting color and great opening 26412 (out of 52708, Storm Shelter, 36207), "stitching" in 26012 (out of 8110 with the strange white pattern, 5605, Kingdom Without End, 36207), and yummy colors anad size in 19112 and 16812. (Note: these are all first year seedlings in the greenhouse and need years of testing outside - but most of the genetics are super hardy). Dozens more pics to come.