Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today's favorites

One of my favorite flowers (above) is Kingdom Without End. It's out
of (Tim Kornder x Born to Reign) x Darla Anita. Its rich color comes
from Born to Reign. Perfect every day - no spots, easy and early
opening, self-cleaning, good scape, large flower, good breeder.

I like large flowers in bold colors with velvety, saturated finishes, as can
be seen below in 35208. Note that the sepals are just as saturated as the
petals. Not everyone looks at sepals, but I think they're just as important
as the rest of the flower and can "make or break" it.

Below is new seedling 4110, About 6-1/2", and out of Be Fruitful
and Multiply, Intelligent Design, Entwined in the Vine, etc. I like the
color contrast, the dark velvet eye, the pattern in the sepals and the
green throat.


  1. Karol, Love seedling No. 35208. Great saturated red color. Lee

  2. Karol,
    #35208 is my kind....that color is awesome...and I am so with you on sepals...they absolutely have to be as saturated as the petals....if not it sounds a 'sour note' to me....

    I'm loving your best thing to being able to peek into your greenhouse every day!