Monday, October 21, 2013

2014 Introductions

My website at has been updated for the new 2014 introductions as well as some of the best seedlings I saw this past spring and summer.  Many of us in the Midwest were stunned by the impact of the spring and summer of 2012 on the daylilies, where most simply refused to bloom. And then came the long, cold, very wet spring of 2013, which damaged or killed off a number of normally reliable perennials, and caused a lot of crown damage in the already weakened daylilies. I chose the twelve introductions for 2014 because of their very good to exceptional performance in those tough conditions. They thrived, and didn’t seem to be aware that most daylilies around them were going down for the count. Perhaps weather like this won’t happen again for many years, but I don’t want to count on that. I believe these will be a great addition for the gardener who doesn’t want to worry about performance. Six of the twelve are dormants (and will be shipped from the outside in late spring – at my expense if separate shipping is required). Eight of the twelve (including five of the six dormants!) are instant rebloomers here in zone 4, blooming for weeks at a time. Here are eight of them. 

This is ARMED FOR BATTLE. 6", 38", 4-way, 25 buds, Dormant, instant MN rebloom, Midseason, EMO and CMO.
This is CLOUD RIDER. 6", 32", 3-way, 15 buds, Sev with LOTS of dormancy, instant MN rebloom, M, good opener in cold weather.
This is SONS OF THUNDER. 6", 24', 3-way, 15 buds, M, Sev,  Re, EMO. Nice parent!
This is SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS. Bouquet bloomer for weeks at a time. 6.5", 30", 4-way, 22 buds, DOR, starts between mid and late midseason, EMO, CMO. One of the best overall plants I have ever produced. 
This is HIDING PLACE. 5.5", 26", 3-way, 15 buds, Sev, instant MN rebloom. Great parent! See website for pictures of offspring.
This is GONE TO GLORY. 6", 28", 3-way, 15  buds, Dormant, instant MN rebloom. 
This is LOVE NEVER FAILS. 5", 24", 3-way, 15 buds, Sev.
This is THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY. 5.5", 32", 5-way, 25 buds, Sev, M, instant Mn rebloom.