Friday, April 9, 2010

Startling new pattern

New seedling this morning - 8110 - a pattern I have never seen
before (note that continues onto the sepals). No idea how it got
there given its parents, although Desire of Nations makes some
funky looks every once in a while. Anyone have a way to describe
it? See close-ups below plus the 2 parents.

Pictured below is the pod parent 27507. Out of my 8305x6205,
which includes sharky 35502, a double dose of 21303,etc.

The pollen parent is 26709 = (Kingdom Without End x 29504)
x Desire of Nations.

Wish I knew what I did so I could repeat it:-)


  1. Hi Karol, 8110 is way cool,hope it
    continues that pattern for you!!
    I've been enjoying your greenhouse
    blog..almost as exciting as having
    my own greenhouse,actually,that is
    what Mike keeps telling me!!
    Thanks for opening your GH to us !

  2. Wow, it looks just like a snowflake

  3. Karol,
    Makes me think of tie-dying shirts and jeans in the early 70's....tying them with rubber bands before dipping into the dye!
    Very pretty!
    I have scapes on My Utmost For His Highest and Sweetest Name I Know...they are looking good...our temps are warmer...think they will bloom beautifully....really eager to see them.
    Linda Hassler
    Linda Hassler