Friday, April 2, 2010

Neon eyes and more hot pinks and roses

I love neon lavender eyes that look like they could glow in the dark,
like this new one today - 3910. The self color is darker and more saturated
than pictured due to low light levels today, but you get the idea.
Parents are 1909 and 13909 (below), which go back to my
1604, 15207,13107,47607, etc.

Lots of new hot pinks this year. The first one below is 1510, out of
5108 (which goes back to Man of Sorrows, Heartbeat of Heaven,
Shores of Time) x 1209 (out of HOH, SOT, etc). The second is
2710, out of 3409 (HOH, Secret of Contentment, SOT, 47607, etc) x 1209.
A couple blooming from last year (below) are 37209 (5006x36207) and
46109 (34406x36207). Love the lavender pink eyes. Most of the
seedlings numbered are on the website. Wish I could show the
whole lineage, but there are so many seedlings in the mix. The
third picture below is 36207, which is in both of them. It's great to
finally have a critical mass of hardy pinks to work with. In my early
years, I tried to get hot pinks using the stunning pink Tet Painted Rose
from Tom Wilson and crossed it with Pat Stamile's pinks. No hardiness
in the line, so am back at it more than 10 years later on firmer ground.

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