Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interesting patterns

This is seedling 28709 (lots of parents). Tall and more than 7". Note the pattern in the eye.

I crossed it last year with 47607 and got this beauty, seedling 13810. Again, an interesting pattern down in the throat.

Seedling 10510 is what one can expect to get when mixing flowers like Julie Newmar, Intelligent Design, and Entwined in the Vine. It also has neon lavender 17305 in it.

Seedling 42509 is a cross of Handwriting on the Wall and Tet Crystal Blue Persuasion. Although I like the pattern on Tet CBP, most of its kids are small and reportedly not very hardy, so haven't used it much.

I saw seedling 20110 this morning. 6" scape with 3 flowers, which is what sometimes happens on a 7 month old plant that tries to bloom. Lots of interesting parents including Entwined in the Vine, 13107, 47607 and 17305 which is the parent of most of my neon lavenders. Super ugly self color, but I've personally never had a seedling with a pattern even close to this so am excited about using it. Will put it on plants with better colors and branching. Will likely keep this one in the greenhouse next year to see what it does, as I doubt I'll see another pattern like this one any time soon.


  1. Hi Karol,
    I adore those eyes!

  2. Karol,
    I am blown away by 28709, 13810, 13107, and 20110. I would put these in my stable anytime. Thanks for showing.

  3. Karol,
    A Big WOW for 28709,13810,20110!!
    Did that seedling 8110 have anymore
    patterned blooms after the 2 you posted
    1st of April? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Karol,
    Question. Is your last picture of 20110? If it is, I hope that you will post pictures of the other two blooms.