Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Powerful parent

Every once in a while you stumble across a parent that is
magic for you and for others who use it - where a large
percentage of the kids are keepers - like Heartbeat of
Heaven (pictured at the top of the blog). Or a cross of 2
parents where most of their kids are great. And then
there's the flower that comes across perhaps once in a
lifetime - where virtually everything you cross it with
produces beautiful, distinctive faces. (Obviously, not all of
those kids will pass final hardiness and budcount and lack
of spotting tests). For me, that flower is 47607 (below).
Hardy and well-branched and passing that on to its kids.
Not a perfect flower, though, as it starts to open the day
before - so is subject to spotting some days from the dew.
(Because it's such an important parent to take me in new
directions with hardy, well-branched, "neon" eyes, it won't
be introduced any time soon.) Complicated parentage, but
includes Heartbeat of Heaven kids and Fountain of Life.

What follows are just some of the many offspring I've seen
from 47607. In order, they are 0910, 2210, 27609, 17809,
33109,17609,17409. Others previously pictured on the
blog include 1809, 2310, and 13909 (you can find them by
going to the beginning of the blog where it says Search this
blog - a very handy gadget that the website provides).

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