Monday, January 24, 2011

New powerpoint of 2010 results

For anyone interested in getting into the mind of a hybridizer and seeing lots of color this dreary time of year, I added a brand new powerpoint to my website which includes the most interesting flowers I saw in 2010 and how I got them (many of which are in this blog - but now they're all together in one place). Each slide shows both parents of the intro or seedling, and I've also included a list of all the crosses written out so you can follow along. FYI, it's the same presentation that I showed at the Shirley Farmer and Chattanooga meetings in case you weren't able to attend or you want to see it again.
You can find it at Go to the middle of the page where you will find the following paragraph:
CLICK HERE TO SEE A POWERPOINT OF THE SEEDLINGS (AND THEIR PARENTS) SEEN AT SPRINGWOOD GARDENS IN 2010 and CLICK HERE TO SEE A LIST OF ALL THE CROSSES WRITTEN OUT. Please note that this is a large file (88 slides and 93MB) and is not recommended for dial-up. Because of the file size, for some internet services it may take 3-5 minutes or longer before you see anything happening on your computer screen - but it is worth the wait if you have the time:-) Your screen will eventually ask if you want to open or save the file - if you want to see it more than once, you'll probably want to save it. It is also probable that you will need powerpoint software on your computer to open the file.
Hope you enjoy it:-) Karol