Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More patterns and new seedlings today

This is seedling 8110 on its second bloom - not quite as
dramatic as day 1, but still very interesting - someone thought
the marks look like giant Sequoia trees. More blooms to come,
and I wonder what look it will have next. The seedling below
(6410) has the same pollen parent as 8110. Note the lighter
"watery" pattern in the eyezone.

While I'm thinking of eyes, the next one is 12310, a grandkid
of 47607, and the one after that is 10910 - also out of 47607,
which consistently throws what I call "echo" eyes.

Also new for today is this sharky beauty 12510, out of two super
sharky parents - 35502 x 11808.

Seedling 12610 is Born to Run x 36109. (You can see all
the seedlings ending in 09 on the website under 2009 GH
seedlings, 09 under 2008, etc.)


  1. Pattern on 8110 reminds me of a Flur De Lis! I would cross it with 6410 and with 10910' keeping some of the same genetic but shuffling them up somewhat should bring out more patterning and remain in the same color group.

    I prefer the paprika red of 12610 over the burgundy (?) red of the 12510, perhaps it is because of the softer contrasting colors of the eye and edge.

    Of course, you don't show any bad seedlings so it's hard to not like them all!!!