Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Crossing a pattern onto similar genetics

This is 0914 the past couple of days. I used it today on everything genetically related (going back to 52708). Will be fun to see the kids next year. This pattern is showing up all over the place now:-)

These are some of the pod parents I put it on - all going back one to 3 generations to 52708. They are 4814, 1314, 2614, 2914, 4214, 4414, 4514.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blooming today:-)

This is 26713 - first seen last year and held over for breeding - includes All Things to All Men, 52708, 13107, Cosmic Struggle, and 28709. 8" with a beautiful scape and almost all hardy breeding. Fingers crossed.

0814 - a new one this year out of 7912 x 11813 - 52708 is part of both parents. 6-6.5"

2314 - note the multiple eye and stitching on the sepal. Out of 1513 x 1312. 

16013 - another one out of 1312. Nice to see sharks on chalky eyes.

Vanishing Mist

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The power of a patterned parent

This is a new seedling this year - 0914 (first picture). It is out of 7813 (2nd picture - bluish breeding) and 11813 (3rd picture - which is out of Handwriting on the Wall x 26712. 26712 is the 4th picture). The 26712 line has been a nice surprise so far, with most of the seedlings having the fleur-de-lis pattern despite only one parent having a pattern. You can read more about 26712 in previous posts - just type 26712 into the search box. 

All Things to All Men offspring

All Things to All Men has been a wonderful parent for me. This is one I saw today: 2513 (out of All Things to All Men x 1312. See search box for last year's comments on 1312). Not yet tested outside, but I can't resist using it due to its height and outstanding scape.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The beauty of tets - diversity of offspring

Ever wonder how 2 purple daylilies can produce a yellow one, or two purple ones a rose one? When breeding with tets, you never know for sure what you'll get because there are so many possibilities in the genes - and that's the fun of what we do. Better scientists than I can explain the details, but I can show the results in pictures. The following is an illustration of how some genes can show up in subsequent generations. Seedling 11913 (1st picture) is out of 0412 (2nd picture) and 2112 (3rd picture). 2112 includes Shadow of His Hand, Secret of Contentment, Faith that Moves Mountains, All Things to All Men, and bluish seedling 17305. You can sure see all of those working together to get that flower. 0412 includes a Gnashing of Teeth sdlg, Faith that Moves Mountains, Not Guilty, Chariot of Clouds, Skin of My Teeth, and a few other assorted things. In 0412, Faith that Moves Mountains is creating the dominant color, but the lighter pinkish lavender eyezone is coming from Not Guilty (4th picture). Getting the rose colored seedling 11913 out of these 2 purple parents wasn't what I was aiming for when I made the cross (although I love it), but I should have expected it since Not Guilty represents about 15% of the genes in the cross (1/32nd as one of the great great great grandparents and 1/8th as one of the great grandparents).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A new season begins

Because of super low outside temperatures for such a long period of time this winter, to save on the heating bill I set the greenhouse heat at 50 degrees at night and 55 daytime instead of my normal 60 and 65. The foliage is even more lush than usual, but the bloom has lagged by 10-14 days - getting antsy:-)

This is seedling 4613 blooming today. Super tall, about 7", with 6 way branching (greenhouse effect of course) I kept it in the greenhouse to use for breeding this year. Out of two chalky eyed parents. Note echo in the eye. I didn't see that as much last year - second picture - I think the cooler temps show off the echoes better.