Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More 47607 kids and grandkids - in all colors:-)

Kids and grandkids of 47607 (my most used parent in 2009)
continue to bloom in all colors. Pictured below are: 13810 (love
the eye and ruffles), 1610 (hot pink!), 2210, 10110, 8910, 6010
and 19809 from last year.


  1. Hi Karol,
    I adore all of your new daylilies, and I particularly like 13810. You are doing so well! I am envious. My own Greenhouse still is not in bloom. I do not think that I will have blooms until the end of this month, or even as late as early May. I am also having a problem with some scapes "blasting."

  2. Karol,

    I really like the second from last in this group - all are nice, but this one strikes me as having more potential!

  3. Karol you are extremely gifted and WOW me with so many of these seedlings, hope to see them as Introe's one day. Debbie K. Friedlander Lynnwood, Washington