Saturday, April 17, 2010

Predictable parents with dominant genes

Sometimes you find a parent which passes on color and
form with cookie cutter precision. 5006 (first picture) has
been one of those parents for me. It is made up of Man of
Sorrows (second picture) and 4705 (third picture). 4705 is
a combination of Way of Life, Filled to Overflowing, Regal
Majesty, Clothed in Glory, Heartbeat of Heaven, and Rock
of Salvation.

Below are seedlings 12210, 15610, 37509 and 3510. I know
when a seedling out of 5006 blooms it will almost always
have a pink watermark, and at least half the time a matching
pink edge. I've used 5006 heavily to expand my hot rose
and hot pink programs.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Karol,
    I like 4705 because it has that ever so attractive edge. I wonder if it is a parent for you like 5006 has been. I enjoy looking at your pictures.