Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4 seedlings - saturated color and ruffles

This is the first seedling (1312) that I have seen out of 8110, the luscious grape seedling with the white pattern that looked like a fleur-de-lis some days and a sequoia tree other days. Although not patterned, it is a 7 inch beauty with 4 way branching.

Pictured below is 0412. Very tall with 5 way branching. An advantage of planting 3 months earlier than normal for this year's seedling crop has been the ability of many of them to develop better scapes than I normally see on first year seedlings. Of course, this is just in the greenhouse, and outside is the place that counts. The other pictures are 0512, 0912 and 1012. Pretty enough to eat, but not possible because of all of the bug spray that is needed to keep the chompers from completely taken over. Despite the pesticides, the greenhouse is full of small pale green frogs that love to sun themselves on the leaves and in the blossoms.


  1. VERY NICE! I have to ask, though, what the heck is a cream-white doing in there?!?!?

  2. I put 2 hot pinks together but one had Arctic Lace in it, so I think that's where it came from.

  3. As I look at this image on a second monitor, I definitely see it's a light light pink. I likw the chubbe sepals :)