Thursday, April 26, 2012

The quest for tall plants with great branching

Sometimes you get lucky. This is seedling 15012 - about 4 feet tall with 5-way branching. Complex parentage which goes back to Entwined in the Vine, Skin of My Teeth, Chariot of Clouds, 5605, 17305, 40807 (which includes Gnashing of Teeth), etc. Which means it will go a lot of directions. One of the biggest challenges I've faced is finding well-branched tall parents with some style. I used this a bunch today.

Although not the perfect flower, 12512 is also super tall and more than 8" out of 52708, 47607 and Storm Shelter. Will use it to add height and size to my seedlings.

Although not tall, some other pretty pictures taken in the past couple of days (the 5 above) include 15612 (way back to 47607, Chariot of Clouds, etc), 15412 (2708x52708), 14612 (goes back to Inscribed on My Heart,17305 etc), 14412 (47607 breeding), and 14112 (out of Vertical Horizon and Cosmic Odyssey)

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  1. A very nice crop! My favs are probably 14612 and 14112. How big was 14112? I made the cross of VH x CO in 2009 and ALL the kids were smaller than 5" outdoors.