Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh, happy day - the season has started:-)

I've been watching the huge bud on this new seedling (0212) for several days with great anticipation. This is a new color for me. I haven't used many reds, as it has been hard to find the fancy edges on them that I like. I finally decided it was worth a try, using my fancy edges that go back to Heartbeat of Heaven. It is out of 5006 (second picture below) and It is Finished. 5006 has lots of interesting things in it, including Man of Sorrows, Rock of Salvation (which is giving it the thick substance and form), Way of Life, Heartbeat of Heaven, Regal Majesty, Clothed in Glory, and even Light of the World.

Another seedling I liked today is 0310 (below), which is out of the 2 seedlings pictured below it. Long parentage on each, that includes grandkids of Chariot of Clouds and 47607 (which is the fourth picture below - fabulous parent for all kinds of looks - seems like it will go with anything - and looking really pretty today).

Day of Reckoning (below) was also showing off the lovely pattern on its sepals.


  1. Karol, that red seedling it very lovely...I especially like it's parent with the pink eye and edge-5006..will you be introducing that one sometime? Have you had it growing outside yet?Also love the clarity of color on that pretty patterned one...Nancy from Alma Wi

  2. 47607 = drooooooooooool! The red is very nice, but definitely a divergence from the typical bloom, I feel. Maybe a new line? Parent 5006 is nice - love that rosy watermark and edge.

  3. 5006 will be coming out in 2013:-) Have had it outside for several years.