Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chalky eyes (some with patterns) out of 8110

I was hoping to get some patterns out of 8110 and am starting to see some glimmers as shown in the first three seedlings below. Not finished flowers or stable patterns, but will give me a place to start. Love the chalky eyes. (More info on 8110 can be found by doing a search on the blog. 8110 includes powerhouse parents Kingdom Without End, Desire of Nations, Skin of My Teeth, Gnashing of Teeth, Heartbeat of Heaven). These are seedlings 7512, 8412, 6212, 3812, 6612, and 7012.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Karol...Those seedlings are great!
    I like the "blind stitch " of 7512..
    The designs of the other 2...sure
    getting exciting ...The next 3 ...double WOW!! I'd probably PMPs if I was in your greenhouse!! L;)