Friday, April 20, 2012

"Ghost pagoda" patterns

These four seedlings are all out of 8110. 6212 (above) is on its 3rd day of bloom - note the "pagoda" on the right petal. The seedling below is 10312 - notice the pagoda pattern on the sepals. I am totally amazed that this pattern actually passed on to some of the offspring.

 10412 below has a pattern that I'm not sure how to describe.

No pattern on this one - 6512, but a wonderful chalky eye on a very large flower.


  1. Karol, I love all of them but your 10412 does NOT need a name for the pattern! It's so beautiful and I LOVE it that it has a wonderful "frou frou" edge....most patterns don't boast of an edge. Actually the edge almost looks like a 'fleur di lis' of sorts....

  2. I could study those patterns for hours...
    love all of those my fingers crossed for them;)How large is 6512?