Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cure for the winter blues

Still cold and snowy here, but the greenhouse is bursting with blooms. These are some in bloom right now that I saw for the first time last year (37512, 14212,14612, 10212, and 10112 - and yes, the last one opened all by itself and never tangles) and am using now in hybridizing. All complex parentage.

Some brand new ones that I am seeing for the first time include this interesting one - seedling 7613 (out of Repeat the Sounding Joy and seedling 8912). I have never seen this color combination before. 
And this beauty - 7413 (out of 1312) - although it gets so ruffled some days that it can tangle up.

Some great patterns are emerging, including 3313 (which is out of 1312), 11813 (out of Handwriting on the Wall and patterned seedling 26712 from last year), and 1413.


  1. Hello !
    14612, 10212, and 10112 are wonderful but 7613 and 7413 are exactly the kind of flowers I would be proud to grow !
    Regards from France.

  2. 14212,14612 are absolutly wonderfull and 7413 wow.
    thank you for sharing with us these wonderful.