Saturday, May 11, 2013

A dominant pattern - at last!

A year ago, I showed a picture of new seedling 26712 that had a distinctive pattern that was there for every bloom -the seedling is out of 52708, 40807, Entwined in the Vine, etc. Here is a picture of it this year and 4 of the kids I have seen from it so far. I have seen 5 in total, and only one isn't showing the pattern. More are showing scapes. These are 10113, 11813, 19413, 20013. None are as exciting as 26712 (and some have thrips and water damage), but I am thrilled to see the patterns holding on most of them each day. Patterns often disappear in warmer weather outside, so I am looking forward to seeing how these perform.

Other interesting patterns I have seen are in 15413 (out of 8110, which also had a fleur de lis pattern) and 12113 (out of God Save the Queen, All Things to All Men, and 52708). 

1 comment:

  1. wonderfull paterns
    wishlist Tips are 11813 and 15413; they have a lot of class