Friday, May 17, 2013

Smell the roses, but watch the thorns on some of them:-)

Last year I showed seedling 24312 and noted that I was planning to use it heavily in breeding (use search box to see more comments about it from last year). I used it on 44 different pod parents and have been very pleased with what I have seen so far, especially with respect to the rich saturated clear color with no spotting and the lovely edges. The first picture is 24312 itself (the main disappointment is that it doesn't have lots of laterals, although its color and height are so special that I will continue to use it on well-branched things) and then some seedlings out of it: 15713, 16213, 16613, 18313.

Other special rose colored seedlings I have seen this spring include: 1213, 9813 (2 pictures), 16013, and 20913. Complex breeding, but in most of these, the great color goes back to Not Guilty lines.

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