Thursday, April 18, 2013

More kids out of 1312

More pretty faces out of seedling 1312. For now, they are just pretty works of art. Won't know for a couple of years if they have the "right stuff" to make it in Minnesota. One flaw I am seeing in 1312 and some of its kids is that they are so ruffled that they get tangles, as they don't have the indented "notch" at the end of the petals that is needed to keep the ruffles from hanging up. When I have an excessively ruffled flower, I try to "dumb it down" by putting it on things that open really well and have fewer ruffles. Sometimes it works. Other times not so well, as in the fourth picture below. But very pretty when un-ruffled. These are 1313 (out of 25805 x 1312), 1513 (an 8" flower out of 2612 x 1312), 2113 (out of 0412 x 1312), 2213 (out of 1312 x 10112), 2513 (out of All Things to All Men x 1312), 2913 (out of Not Guilty x 1312), and 1913 (out of 1312 x 8412).

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