Saturday, May 5, 2012

A few that took my breath away

Large, gorgeous, good openers, many with good scapes that took my breath away:-) 16712, 21912, 22212, 18512, 20412, 18012,17812, 17212, 12912, 21612.


  1. Double WOW!! I've been waiting for you to post new seedlings....the wait was worth it!!
    Again I'm speechless...I'll try to muster up something more intelligent after I revisit them a few times;) Thanks for sharing...

  2. Hello, I am a french usual reader of your blog but I can't resist to congrat you for this wonderful result. I should write what I think about theese seedlings one after the other but it would be so hard to find the right words !! They are really all great !

  3. I love the top two and the fourth one down. The color and especially the throats are wonderfully placed and colored. Will you be releasing these?

  4. These are all first year seedlings in the greenhouse, and will require years of testing outside in Minnesota before I know if they make the cut. Most won't. Karol