Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Breakthroughs for me in 7-8"flowers

The past few days have brought some amazing seedlings, and the first three below had me gasping. All in this post are HUGE, ranging from 7-8". A wow pattern in 26712 (out of 52708 and also back to 40807 and Entwined in the Vine), a new color for me in teeth with 7.5" 24312 (includes 33109 discussed previously on the blog, Chariot of Clouds, Skin of My Teeth,  etc), a super fancy and interesting color and great opening 26412 (out of 52708, Storm Shelter, 36207), "stitching" in 26012 (out of 8110 with the strange white pattern, 5605, Kingdom Without End, 36207), and yummy colors anad size in 19112 and 16812. (Note: these are all first year seedlings in the greenhouse and need years of testing outside - but most of the genetics are super hardy). Dozens more pics to come.

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