Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stars of the day - May 10 2012

Yesterday I noticed the bud that was about to open on this one - now numbered seedling 28212 - and was concerned about whether or not it would need some assistance opening. It did, just like parent 52708. But oh, my:-) I made a lot of crosses with it because it is 7", nice height, 6-way branching with an instant rebloom scape coming with 4 way branching. On an 11 month old seedling! Will be interestng to see if it keeps tangling, or if it will do it outside. So I put it on less tangly things and have high hopes for its kids.
 This is 27812 (out of 14510 x 28709). 7".
This dark, dark beauty is 28012 and is out of Soli Deo Gloria x a grandkid of Desire of Nations
Seedling 27912 is out of 13810 x 28909. Love the odd pattern. (FYI, many of the seedlings in the parentage I include are on the website. Too cumbersome to detail them all the way back)