Monday, May 28, 2012

Blue jean blue

Note the color on the sepals and closest to the throat on the petals. Seedling 37512.
Parents are 4610x3910 below.

4610 = 0608x1809. 0608 goes back to 17305, Inscribed on My Heart, Entwined in the Vine. 1809 is out of 17305x47607. 3910 = 1909x13909. 1909 = 3807x15207. 13909=1107x47607. Most of these can be seen on the website under the year I first saw them (the last 2 digits). 17305 is in this twice. See below.


  1. Is the seedling on the top really that blue in color? It is very striking and looks like it will have a small broken pattern.

  2. "Blue Jean Blue" ...that's a great color reference on those seedlings...beautiful!!!

  3. No, not just pretty - pretty awesome!

  4. What an exciting flower. Not just the "blue jeans blue". Where did all that white space come from on the sepals. Depending on one's optimism it is either a big white edge, or the white is driving the red out of the sepal. Either way it is a pretty interesting development from two predominantly red parents.

    Could the next phase take the red out of the petals ?

  5. Yes, accurate color:-) A short teeny plant with only 3 blooms- of course, it's less than a year old - so hopefully it will be stronger when more mature. In any event, will use it with tall plants with good scapes. Grandparents are all hardy with good scapes.