Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Safer bet - using a proven seedling

My second most used pollen parent in 2010 was 33109 - pictured below on its fanciest day and a less fancy day. It's out of 47607 and hot pink 36207. A relatively strange result given the cross, but I was pleased to see 47607 giving me strong solid colors in addition to the more typical seedlings with echo eyes.

When I first saw it in 2009, I got really excited and used it on 20 pod parents. Some of the seedlings I got from it are shown below - 13310, 1610, 25510, 11710, 12410, 33610, and 20610.

Because it proved to be such a good performer, I dramatically increased the number of crosses from it, using it on 75 pod parents - this spring I'll be planting over 300 seeds with 33109 as a pollen parent and a bunch with it as a pod parent. This is more typical of the way I hybridize - I'll make enough the first year to get a sampling of a seedling's genetic power, and if it proves itself, really ramp things up the next year. In addition, because I have such faith in 33109's genetics, I will plant almost 100 seeds from one of its offspring - 25510 (the third seedling above).

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