Monday, March 28, 2011

Rolling the dice - part 2

I'll be planting seeds from 52708 crossed with 100 other seedlings - about 30 of them will be 5 or more seeds, which is a "long" cross for me:-) Most of these 30 are either closely related to 52708 (they also have 40807 in their genetics), or are out of miracle-worker 47607 and its kids, or 13107 and kids (making neon lav eyes) or are out of Desire of Nations breeding (making neon lavender eyes on hardy kids), or Gnashing of Teeth breeding (might as well see if I can get some sharks on this). Ones with related genetics include 34609, 28909, and 23010 (8",tall) below.

47607 is pictured below (pic from Dan Robarts).

14510 is a 7" beauty out of 47607 and a 13107 seedling, 13710 is also 7" out of 47607 and 40807, and 2210 is out of 47607. There are lots of others pictured elsewhere on the blog (1809, 17809, 21709, 35309, 39409, 12510, 18010, 27410), but these will give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Big, fancy, nice eyes - and hopefully not too much tangling.

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