Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to Springwood Gardens

Never in a million years did I think I'd be doing a blog:-) but during hybridizing season so many folks e-mail and ask "What new look did you see today?" Because I'm always going flat out from about March 15-September 15 with hybridizing and shipping and evaluating, I'd send out a picture here and there and say "Everything will be on the website in October." Pretty unsatisfying answer for me and for them. So it looks like doing a blog might do the trick:-)

I can hardly wait for the new season to start:-) This year I turned the heat up in the greenhouse in December instead of January in order to speed up the season, and now there are scapes everywhere on the mama plants - am still waiting to see them on the new seedlings (about 4500 seeds planted in the ground in August and now most are blooming size). My guess is that I'll be able to begin posting pictures at the end of March. In the meantime, feel free to stroll around springwoodgardens.com to see pictures of my 2010 introductions (and those of previous years), seedlings from 2009 that I'll be using as "mama" plants for hybridizing, and possible futures - as well as the landscape and gardens at Springwood. It will be fun to have you with me as we watch the results unfold.

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