Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My last post was called "Anticipation". After waiting nearly a week for the bloom to open, I walked into the greenhouse this morning to see this 7 inch beauty smiling at me. Super-ruffled and no hang-ups. I whooped and hollered:-)

Its parents are pictured below. Complicated breeding that includes Secret of Contentment,
Heartbeat of Heaven, Rock of Salvation, Storm Shelter, Lake Effect, , Tet LBB, Remembering Joan, JT Davis, Shores of Time, etc - you get the idea:-)
In making the cross, I'd hoped for something a little "hotter" in color, so will take it back onto my dark roses and hot pinks to add size and color.

I also saw this beauty from 2009 - seedling #1809 - a great-grandkid of Fountain of Life. Love the echo eye.

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  1. Karol,
    Oh my, I think I am speechless. Simply gorgeous - every single one. Thank you for sharing with us.