Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving Day:-)

It's the middle of March, and time for the move back to Springwood where I'll stay for the next 6 months. After hauling and unloading 2 carloads full of paperwork and clothes and groceries, I headed straight for the greenhouse and made my first crosses of the season. Seedling scapes everywhere and I should see the first one tomorrow:-) A couple of my intros looked good enough to eat.

Greatest Gift of All

Keep the Faith

Also blooming was 1709 - out of Storm Shelter, Jane Trimmer, and a grandkid of Fountain of Life. I love the multiple rings in the eye.


  1. I used Fountain of Life with a number of my seedlings and a few named cultivars and I am going to my friends greenhouse to see how they are progressing right now. Of course they are just popping up in their trays, but I hope I see similar results! Gorgeous flower.