Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Working on Size

A new look for me. Seedling 2713. A 10" saturated beauty out of Not Guilty x Flying Purple People Eater. 36". 4-way. Planted outside as a small single fan June 2013. Looking forward to seeing this in a clump! 
This next picture is what seedling 2713 looked like in the greenhouse. Shorter and no scape and only 7" inside. Color more cranberry and not as velvety. I love it when things are better outside than inside. Almost always the case with dormants. 
This is seedling 35613, seen for the first time this morning. Out of a complicated seedling x Flying Purple People Eater. 10", 36" 2-5 way. 
One I noticed for the first time a week ago - probably since it is now a big clump - is dormant seedling 3009 - an older one. About 36" with almost a 10" flower out of a dormant seedling (which includes Heartbeat of Heaven, Julie Newmar, etc) x Bali Watercolor. Will move it out of the gravel pit into the main garden to see if I can get a bit more budcount out of it, but will likely just end up as decoration.
Below is what it looked like when it first bloomed May 2009 in the greenhouse. A big difference in form.


  1. Hi Karol,

    Really like the outside picture of 2713. Dormants are so much fun. I had a dormant that I almost threw away because it looked so bad in the Greenhouse, but next summer it will be introducted.

    I can see from the names that the parents of 2713 are probably not from your garden. I wonder if you expected a dormant. 10" is BIG. Congratulations!