Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not Guilty kids showing their stuff:-)

Not Guilty has been producing some marvelous hardy kids with rich saturated color and good branching. All pictures below are outside photos. This is 35013, a 6.5" beauty which is 50% Not Guilty genetics and 38% All Things to All Men.

This is 0412, which is 25% Not Guilty and also includes Skin on My Teeth, Faith that Moves Mountains, Gnashing of Teeth, Chariot of Clouds, etc.

This is 48612, which is 50% Red Friday and 25% Not Guilty.

0512 isn't showing much of a scape, but love the color. 25% Not Guilty.

Thought I would add this at the end as it has been performing well on a lovely scape. 25% Cosmic Struggle and 25% 52708. Seedling 1613.

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