Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Amazing pattern

Still lots of cold weather outside, and many of the daylilies have yet to emerge, or if so, just an inch. The soil temps are still quite cool. But inside the greenhouse, things are still hopping. Just saw this one 2 hours ago and jumped for joy. My best pattern this year. Now numbered 30813 (2 pictures). Nearly 7". Too late to use its pollen - I don't want to be collecting seeds during the national convention here at the end of July - but I will keep it in the greenhouse and use it heavily next spring.  Pictured below it are its 2 parents - 26012 (which is out of 43509 and 8110 - 8110 is the one with the fleur de lis pattern) and 31312 (which is out of 2310 and 28709). 31312 is turning out to be one of my best parents for beautiful blue lavender eyes, and you can really see the contribution of the blue stitching and pattern in 26012.


  1. Those pencil lines and the pale cyan area is intriguing, surrounded by all the berry hues and sumptuous ruffles. Breathtaking!

    1. Well, I guess I'll find out soon if it is still alive:-)

  2. Hi Karol,
    This is a little off topic. Have you used my utmost for his highest in your breeding? It is blooming today next to ATTAM ( thank you) and it is amazing with 4 way branching and a 7" flower. Thanks a bunch
    I put ATTAM on Zoe Allegra and ruffles have ripples.

  3. Sorry, I only just now saw this comment - a busy summer! My Utmost for His Highest hasn't been pod fertile for me, and it blooms very late, so past the time I stop making crosses. The ATTAM cross sounds like a good one.