Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last group of frequently used pollen parents

In the previous 2 posts I discussed the 10 pollen parents that are represented in approximately 43% of the seeds planted in this year's crop. There are an addtional 12 that I used on between 13 and 20 different pod parents each.

1312 (below) bloomed at 7" with 4-way branching and 15 buds as a 9 month seedling (in the greenhouse). Great color and height and branching, and out of my 8110. Although it has no hint of the fleur-de-lis patterning of 8110, it did get twinkle midribs (which can produce patterns in the next generation). I also love what is going on in the sepals.

25012 is an 8", tall, with 5-way branching that goes back to 52708, 40807, and Entwined in the Vine.

28212 is 7", 6-way branching with instant rebloom that had 4-5 way branching. It is out of dormant 52708 - plus 14510 (out of All Things to All Men, 13107). Gorgeous, but tangles a lot, so used it with good openers. 

22712 is also out of 14510 plus Soli Deo Gloria. 7", 4-way, tall.

23012 is out of Cosmic Struggle and 28709 (which goes back to 25807). 

15012 is very tall with 6-way branching at 9 months). Includes Entwined in the Vine, 21303, 13107, Skin of My Teeth, 40807, 25807.

12512 was used because of its amazing height, plus being out of dormant 52708.

Rounding out the group: Terrible Swift Sword, Faith That Moves Mountains, Vanishing Mist, Entwined in the Vine,and Get Jiggy.

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  1. That real tall one's photo just makes me laugh...I can hear it saying ....LOOK AT ME...LOOK AT ME!!!
    All of the seedlings are wonderful...what a delight to see them...Thanks for your blog..;)