Thursday, January 17, 2013

What a Minnesota winter is supposed to look like:-)

This is the view out my office windows - now this is what a Minnesota winter is supposed to look like! Forecasted to be -20 on Monday Jan 21. We had bare ground until a couple of days ago, so glad for the dusting of snow we got. Hopefully, it will continue to stay cold all winter so we won't have a return of the Midwest Malaise (caused by very very high temps in March, followed by very cold temps), where most of the foliage turned yellow and the scapes dried up and the daylilies didn't bloom. Some were amazing and didn't seem to notice - even though they might just be pretty garden flowers rather than cutting edge, they will all be introduced for their beauty and toughness.


  1. Dear Karol,

    Looks like the way our Northeast Ohio winter is suppose to look and did until we had a January thaw recently. We can see our ground right now. It's suppose to get colder and that usually means lake effect snow, but I am enjoying this lack of snow for the time being. Really enjoy you listing your favorite pollen parents. When will you list your favorite pod parents.
    Love your blog!

  2. Beautiful Karol,...wish we had that much snow....