Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not sure I can wait a year to see the results

Pictured above are two pics of 13810. It makes my heart race, with it's beautiful ruffles, echoing lavender eye and edge, green throat and a hint of twinkles. It will be my 4th most planted pollen parent, with 250 seeds. It's out of 28709 (below) and 47607.

The longer crosses I'll plant from it are with 1809, 9009, 17809, 21709, 2310, 3910, 10310, 14210, 14510 (14510 is the longest with 20 seeds) - all shown elsewhere on the blog, and mostly related genetics out of 47607. I will also plant a number with Reach for the Sky, as well as 28909 pictured below. I want to see if the white swords from 28709 will combine with the white swords on 28909.

All of this is way too much info for most folks reading this, but I'm hoping the blog will be a useful tool for me over the years as I make visual notes on what I'm thinking.


  1. Karol, I love the 'white swords' says it so well! Such wonderful seedlings...I love seeing both only problem is that I am not "numbers friendly" so I don't track as well as I would like...but I can deal with it...just keep on showing those lovely creations from our Creator and yourself that you have been so blessed to be a part of!
    Nancy the Lilyfan

  2. Oh. My. Gawsh. These are delicious.

  3. 13810-Unbelievably gorgeous!!!