Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Christmas in April

Woke up to find the ground covered with snow - again! Sure am glad I told everyone not to expect plants from me until the end of May - many are not even out of the ground yet - those are the smart ones:-)

Although this has been a long, cold, cloudy, snowy, dreary winter, dreaming about the crosses I made has made the winter go faster. 6410 was one of the very special ones I saw last year. It goes back to Desire of Nations, Kingdom Without End, Gnashing of Teeth, Entwined in the Vine, 40807 and 29504. These are all wonderful parents, so I'm hoping 6410 will be as well.

I'm planning to plant more than 100 seeds from it - and wishing I had made more. The longest crosses I'll be planting with are out of 22305, 13107, 47607, 12708, 6109, 9009, 15209, 17809, and 21709. I chose some of them because of their "echo" eyes and others because of related genetics.


  1. Hi Karol,
    Do you sometimes think we are doing this for naught? It looks like people could take a few minutes to tell you how much they enjoy your blog. I do!

  2. Thanks, Lee:-) I think a lot of folks may be shy about commenting in "public" - I hear a lot more feedback by private e-mail.

  3. Karol,
    Wow and Wow again.....your blooms just get better and better! Thanks for sharing!
    Linda Hassler

  4. The flowers look like lovely ladies with lace around their faces ... simply beautiful, Karol!