Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Running a marathon

Breeding daylilies is very satisfying, but also exhausting work. We started transplanting 4500 seedlings from the greenhouse on June 8. Lots of rainy days and torrid temps since then to slow us down plus spending time lining out plants for next year's regional and the upcoming national but about 3900 are now outside. In the middle of the process there are days when it feels like there is no end in sight, but I can see it now:-) Have also collected nearly 2000 seed pods and anticipate 3000 in total.

Greenhouse seedlings continue to bloom while we're emptying it out. These are 42710, 44310, 45010, 45410, 45810, 46410, and 46610.


  1. Karol, I always enjoy looking at your seedlings, thanks for sharing them. Lee

  2. Karol, I really like your 46610. Will look for it in 4-5 years, if I still have a memory of any kind.


  3. Karol,
    Your purples are just the best, but, it's your 'hot' ones...the roses and corals that just 'grab' me! I love the top two...esp. the very first one. Your Wall of Fire and Deliverer were both just 'showing out' today in our garden! We had the MTDS (Nashville) here for a brunch in our garden....I was so pleased that several of your intros were blooming beautifully. Kingdom Without End and My Utmost for His Highest were 'standouts' too.
    Thanks for sharing your new seedling photos with all of us!
    Linda Hassler