Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rain, rain go away

Rain is the lifeblood of daylilies, and we've had just the right amount of it this year. The fans are huge and the plants look great. (Most years we get very little rain from May through the end of August - thank goodness for the sprinkler system - about 40 zones that takes 40 hours to complete). The constant drizzle makes working outside pretty uncomfortable, so we had to call it quits this morning after a couple of hours. But the greenhouse was warm and cozy with lots of new seedling bloom. This is seedling 42110 - out of 47607 x 34609 (which is the second picture - it's out of 40807). Tall and 7", and I didn't even mind that I had to untangle it a bit. Too late to use in breeding this year (I have to quit by the end of May in order to plant seeds by early Aug, which is what's needed to get bloom by next spring), so will hold it over in the GH to use next spring.

Seedling 40110 = 5409 x 28809 (which is out of 47607).

Seedling 42210 = 15303 x 35309 (which is out of 13107).

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