Monday, November 29, 2010

Gnashing of Teeth/Heartbeat of Heaven great grandkids

40807 (above) is a 7" beauty that is breeding large lavender-eyed kids with triangular form. It's still in the testing process. (The verdict so far: super parent for hardy kids; hardy itself and gorgeous, but still watching whether height and budcount will make it a good garden plant).
It's a great grandkid out of Gnashing of Teeth and Heartbeat of Heaven.

Its pod parent is 4106 (below), which has just about everything in it: Light of the World, Way of Life, parent of Eyes on the Prize (twice), Fortune's Dearest, Tet LBB (twice), Lake Effect, Pirate Lady, Uppermost Edge, Wolf Eyes, Regal Majesty, Clothed in Glory, Heartbeat of Heaven, Storm Shelter and Jane Trimmer.
The pollen parent of 40807 is 8305 (below), which is out of Gnashing of Teeth and 21303 (the 2 smaller pictures below 8305). 21303 includes Regal
Majesty, Clothed in Glory, Heartbeat of Heaven, parent of Eyes on the Prize, Fortune's Dearest, tet LBB and Lake Effect.

The following five pictures are offspring of 40807. In order: 33909 (out of 13107 x 40807), 59109 (out of 13107 x 40807), 40909 (out of 47607 x 40807), 57609 (out of 13207 x 40807), and 22908 (out of Creation Rejoices x 40807). Information on and pictures of 13107, 13207 and 47607 can be found elsewhere on the blog by using the search function.


  1. 40807 - I think I'll be needing this one too.

  2. can't wait till 2012, starting to save my pennies now