Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New seedlings

One of my friends was concerned that I hadn't posted in a while. All is well, but it's been peak shipping and hybridizing season and am pretty wiped out at the end of the day. Plus running a greenhouse that you always have to stay on top of. Right now I'm fighting spider mites and they're winning. Have used 4 different insecticides plus soap and ammonia and the bugs are laughing at me. There are MILLIONS, maybe even BILLIONS of them - confined right now to the first 20 feet of the greenhouse but moving a couple feet a day. Need to wait a week between each application in order not to create a phytotoxic reaction. The water boom motor stopped working yesterday, and there were many anxious moments until we figured out the motor hadn't busted - just blown a fuse. Water is the lifeblood of daylilies, and I'm always antsy about the water system.

And now it's hot! We haven't had a frost at Springwood since March and it's been warmer this year than all of last year. So that wears on the body too:-) My same friend suggested his goal was to keep hybridizing until age 88 - oh, my, I can't even imagine running a greenhouse that long with so many things to stay on top of.

Anyway, since I started the blog I've tried to come up with themes for each post and have been drawing a blank these past 2 weeks, so am just going to show pictures of some new 2010 seedlings. No cross info as most of them have a dozen parents. I know that's not very helpful, but it's what happens when you use your own seedlings for many, many years. The following are
15610, 14710, 20810 (2 pictures), 21010, 21610, 24410, 25510, 25710, 27410, 27610, 27810, 29210.


  1. Karol,
    I only have 14 years to go until 88 and that is a heck of a long time . . . anyway it seems so now but probably won't if I reach there. Great seedlings, I am envious.